About Us

Hello, I’m Denise and I’m the mum of two girls -Ariel and Neriyah- who are my inspiration and the reason for this business to exist. I want to help create a better, greener future for my children and I love to help other parents do the same.

I timidly started my cloth journey 13 years ago, when I received a small reusable nappy kit as part of my local City Council’s new nappy scheme back in Italy. I didn’t know any other cloth mum and there was no help or support available so, everything I learned was by trial and error. When I found out that I was pregnant again in 2020, I knew I wanted to cloth from birth. I immediately started researching about cloth nappies and I found an amazing online community.

Nowadays, there is lots of information out there to guide you in this cloth world. I’m also here for you, happy to help with any nappy or washing question you might have, in order to make your cloth journey easier and stress-free. Please get in touch to receive free, friendly personalised advice!

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