Nappies will always come sanitised to high standards and ready to use by the hirer. The kits may contain a mix of brand new and excellent used condition nappies, with no damage, good elastics, intact waterproofing layer (PUL), sticky velcro, no smells or stains. Nappies may have light bobbling, gentle wear to velcro or light dye transfer. Contents of your pack will be the same as advertised at the time of booking, if anything is to change in this kit we will inform you prior to posting. All kits will contain a mix of block colours and prints, all of which are unisex. We cannot guarantee which prints or colours you will get. Kit photos are an example of what your kit may look like. If you would like more girly or boyish prints, let us know in the notes at checkout and we’ll do our best to accommodate and customise your kit.


We use Royal Mail to deliver the hire kit, a signature will be required. If a kit is currently available, we will aim to get it to you within 7 working days of purchase, any delays will be communicated. You will be notified of the tracking number by email once shipped. If you live in or near Norwich, you can collect the hire kit at no extra cost.


Hire period will start from when you receive the hire pack. You can extend the hire, just get in contact to discuss your request. On return, proof of postage must be dated the pre-arranged end date or before. You will need to organise shipping back to us, you can use any company but this must be tracked post, as the parcel is your responsibility until it is returned to us. If you live in or near Norwich, you can drop it off.


By paying your deposit, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions of hire including:

  • Doing a daily prewash on a short 45-60 minute cycle at 40-60 degree.
  • Doing a main wash at least every 3 days (can be extended as long as a 60 degree daily prewash cycle is done) on the longest cotton cycle at 40 or 60 degree.
  • Not to use fabric softeners on the nappies
  • Not to wash nappies with any dark coloured clothing items
  • Not to use bleach directly on nappies (if you think you need to sanitise them due to a rash or fungal infection, please contact us beforehand and we’ll provide you the right dosage and instructions for sanitising)
  • Not to wash nappies over 60 degrees
  • Keep your home smoke free during hire
  • Inform us of any lost or damaged items as soon as possible

Your deposit is refundable at the end of your hire period given that your kit is returned on time, in full, and is in ‘good condition’ (no slack elastics, no damaged PUL, no missing or visibly damaged parts). Any part of the hire kit returned badly damaged or missing, full retail price will be deducted.


If you change your mind after booking but before the pack is sent out, you will be eligible for a refund. If you change your mind at any time after the nappies are sent out, but before you use them, deposit will be refunded upon return of the pack. We will retain £20 of hire fee for time and processing costs, decrease in value of the items and loss of business. We will also retain £10 per week that you have had the hire pack.  If you need more absorbency we can send more boosters for the price of postage (£3.20 Royal Mail small parcel) or you can collect it free of charge. If you find any nappy you have received is not in excellent condition, contact us and we will replace the item once we have received the original back.  If you have used the nappies, and then decide you don’t want to use them anymore, we will not be able to refund the hire price, as the nappies are now in used condition and require deep cleaning and sanitising. Please talk to us about any issue such as fitting, leaks or washing routine, and we’ll do our best to help you!


All items must be clean and properly dry before return.  Please remove fluff, hair and lint from Velcro. You can easily do so by using a needle. Some light staining is normal and will not affect your deposit being refunded. Excessive staining, especially dye transfer or things other than poo, strong smells, or unwashed nappies will result in some or all of your deposit being retained by us for the purpose of extra laundering/nappy replacement. If one or more nappies are not returned or are damaged due to ill treatment, you will be charged the full retail value for replacement. If the deposit is not enough to cover damage or missing items, you will be sent an invoice which must be paid within one week. Terms and conditions are updated regularly and subject to change.