Kijani BTP Snap-in Bamboo/Cotton Insert – Single


Made of bamboo and cotton, with a stay dry top to keep baby’s bum dry and comfy.

Can be used even with delaminated nappies, as they’re backed with PUL!

Improved designed: flat snap-in inserts which are trimmer and easier to wash/dry;

Sold individually.

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These cloth nappy inserts are unique because they are backed with waterproof PUL. The waterproof fabric makes these so versatile:
– They can be used with Kijani wraps or any nappy wraps, all-in-twos or pocket nappies.
– You can turn any pocket nappy into a wrap by laying this insert on top of the pocket. The insert will keep the pocket nappy dry so it can stay on your baby longer. Perfect to keep your baby in your favourite nappy for a long time!
– These inserts can give new life into nappies that have been delaminated (where the PUL in the nappy has broken down).
– The last 3 inches do not have waterproof PUL so that the insert can be folded over to fit into a variety of sized nappies.

The top of the insert is made with stay dry suede cloth to keep your baby dry and comfortable. The inner absorbent layers are a mix of bamboo and unbleached cotton jersey. The mix of cotton and bamboo creates a very absorbent insert with all natural fabrics.

Kijani is a social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda. The goals of Kijani are to create employment for Ugandan mothers, and to create high quality, eco-friendly nappies and baby products. All Kijani products are lovingly handmade by Ugandan mamas.


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