Green Cheeks Nappy Pods – Green Bags


These nappy pods are available in selected prints to match the cloth nappies;

Can fit comfortably 8 nappies or 6 nappies plus one outfit change or toys;

Size: approx. 25cm x 17cm x 17cm.

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Those of already in the world of cloth nappies know that these fantastic bags are for more than just nappies. They can be used to store toys, snacks, spare clothes, blankets, muslins, and even a sling!

These pods are made from a double layer of TPU, which means they have an extra layer of waterproofing.

They fasten with a zip and have a handle at one end which has two snaps to allow you to attach it to the pram or changing bag.

Size is approx. 25cm x 17cm x 17cm.

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Dino-Roar, Woodland Animals, Oh Deery Me, Leaf It Out, Hedge Over Heels


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